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***SITE UPDATED 27th OCTOBER 2006***

Site Updates:

30th June 2005-- Site opening.

19th July-- Added Abraxas being silly and Memorable performances pages.

20th July-- added another audio clip.

22nd July-- added another photo page. Added Vital Statistics and Thank Yous page.

26th July-- added Recording Schedule and Gigs page.

28th July-- updated Recording schedule and gigs page, updated track listing and song descriptions (added Vienna).

29th July-- updated More Pictures page.

9th August--  Added guitars and equipment page, added photos to picture page, added more information about upcoming gigs to recording schedule and gigs page.

13th August-- Updated Memorable Performances page.

19th August-- added Abraxas as a kidd-o page.

20th August-- Added performance to Memorable Performances page.

22nd August-- Updated Vital info and FAQ. Added captions to a couple of the picture pages.

23rd August-- Added a whole slew of pictures to the Kidd-o page. They're cute!

24th August-- Added one more picture and some captions to Kidd- o page.

6th October-- finally got rid of those red X's.  Also updated the recording schedule and gigs page. Added Pictures taken by Abraxas page.

9th October-- added Abraxas' Personal Narrative/ Autobiography to Bio and Influences Page.

31st December-- updated Memorable performances page.

18th February-- updated silly pictures page and links page, and fixed a couple glitches on various other pages. If you notice anything I missed, please let me know what it is so I can fix it! Thanks.

21st February-- Put up new tentative tracklist

10th March-- added another Memorable Performance-- Abraxas opened for Lewis Black last week!

22nd March-- Added loads of photos to first photo page and also Being Silly page. Check 'em out!

14th April-- A-ha! Finally, a new audio clip! It's called "Rockin' the Paradise," originally by Styx. Was recorded today and last Wednesday. Check it out!

22nd April-- added more pictures to the "being silly" page, updated recording schedule, and added a review of the Queen + Paul Rodgers Vegas concert to the biography page.

28th April-- added the brand new backing track "Delusions of Grandeur" to the audio clips page. Also updated the Recording schedule/gigs page and memorable performances page.

16th May-- added Abraxas' personal setup info to the Guitars and Equipment page.

21st July-- Added a few pictures to the first pics page.

23rd July-- added new information to the recording schedule page.

15th September-- Added another song to the audio clips page, and updated the other two so the links work.

21st September-- updated two of the pictures pages (got rid of the dreaded red X's and added more pics).

22nd September-- Updated FAQs page.

18th October-- Updated track listing and added a link to the Links page, updated Recording Schedule page.

27th October-- Updated Media page, included a few videos Abraxas has edited.


Site Notices

19th August: We're looking for reviews of Abraxas' songs. If you'd like to contribute a review of one or more the songs featured on this site,  please submit your review to Benny at Abraxas_webmaster@yahoo.co.uk for approval. Compensation is a credit on the album insert if you want. Submissions may be anonymous.

31st August: Sorry about the red X's. I'll have them fixed within a few days. Thanks.

6th October: Sorry about the lax updates lately! Abraxas has been busy with school and hasn't had a lot of time to work on anything for awhile. It's now fall break so he's getting into the swing of things as much as he can for the moment.

6th December: All tracks but one have been removed from the Audio Clips page. They should be returned soon.

31st December: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! More pictures will be arriving shortly, by way of carrier pigeon. Hope you've had a great year! I may also be re-vamping the site soon, so keep checking back for a new look!

9th January-- Changed look of site.

17th January-- Site under construction. I'm fixing some minor problems due to the new look. Should be fixed soon.

18th February-- Benny's computer is fried, so repairs are going more slowly than we'd hoped. Everything should be fixed soon, though. Thanks for your patience.

2 March-- I'm disabling the guestbook for awhile due to loads of spam. Some people are bastards. If you left an actual message, thanks very much, but a bunch of people (or perhaps just one person) have been spamming like crazy so I'm losing it for awhile. Thanks for your patience.



This page is to promote to Abraxas' upcoming album, Delusions of Grandeur, featuring Abraxas on all instruments and vocals.

This page includes photos, music clips, lyrics, and a track listing, as well as a log of Abraxas' recording schedules.



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